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#etmooc second day

Written By: Cathy

blogwordleI posted a tweet in #etmooc on Twitter that on day two I was already feeling behind in this MOOC. And @onewheeljoe posted it in his storify page.   Right now I am participating in several MOOCs, trying to get a feel for what it would be like to be a full time student “moocer,” learning new things, new technologies and making new contacts.  That is my number one goal.  To meet people who are as passionate about education as I am.  Yes I might fall behind, I may not finish all the required assignments, and I may not receive a badge, but if I connect with other people who are as passionate about education and knowing all there is to know about this change in education then I have achieved my personal learning goals.

If I express frustration it is because I cannot make the most of every chance meeting, every minute spent engaging with other MOOCers, and researching and writing..some times I have to sleep! I can’t say how much I have enjoyed this opportunity, as I am currently between jobs, but this has reinvigorated my love for learning.  I have a passion for learning and all things education.  I can see why sabbaticals, professional development, and research are built into some education institutions.  Faculty and staff need to be encouraged to renew their knowledge, reflect upon how they can improve, and renew their spirit and love for teaching and learning.  From the outside this may seem like a luxury as most occupations don’t allow for this type of activity..to their detriment.

So yes I feel a bit behind! Because I have not yet had the opportunity to engage with every single MOOCer, every single educator who is passionate about what they do, and excited to engage with others to learn with them!

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